We want to build links with other groups, individuals and organisations who would like to put an end to UK poverty. 

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If you're part of an organisation

We're working with organisations like Disability Rights UK and Child Poverty Action Group to kick start our campaign and we have received funding from Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

If you're an organisation or campaign group who are working to tackle UK poverty we'd like to speak to you. Please fill in the contact form below. 


if you're an Individual

If you have personal experience of living in poverty we’d like to hear from you - please share your story with us on Twitter. Or to get involved with the project you can get in touch using the contact form below. .

1. Tell the world what poverty means to you

Tweet your story to us @ATDFourthWorld @doleanimators  @ThriveTeesside using #povertyis

2. Share our animation on Twitter

Tell your friends and family about how we are using our experience of living in poverty to change policy for the better. Share our animation (right) on Twitter.

“People with lived experience of poverty find solutions to it every day; yet recommendations put forward to solve poverty rarely include thoughts and ideas from this vital perspective.

Only once we involve people with direct experience in finding the solutions at a policy, practice and cultural level will we succeed in freeing people from the grip of poverty.”
— Sarah Campbell, Joseph Rowntree Foundation

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